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Our purpose is to develop and offer customized and connected solutions with the best market practices. A work based on transparency and loyalty, both with customers and employees.


Advertising and publicity agency. Event design and planning. Events in general with all the necessary structure for assembly and realization. General direction. Production direction. Executive production. Event technology. Stage, shows and line up. Ceremonies. Seminars. Thematic meetings. Symposia. Congresses and fairs, Audio recording and filming. Receptive and promoters. Public events. Closed events. Festivals. Business events. New Year parties. Creating prizes. Elaboration of special projects of relationship between client and target public. Marketing Consulting. Digital marketing. E-commerce.



Strategy determines the direction and scope of one or more competencies and how resources can be configured to meet market and stakeholder needs:

To hear



To compare

Break up


To introduce

To correct



The evaluation of results is part of the strategic planning process in event and project management. This evaluation method is based on the comparison between the expected results and the achieved results.

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